Coming soon: Tasting Belgium

Coming soon: Tasting Belgium

June’s homebase is the region of Flanders, in Belgium. We like to think that we have the most promising food culture in Europe and beyond. On this page we slowly will adding features, events and food tours, aimed for an international audience. Feel free to touch base with us. We would very much like to welcome you in our foodie heaven between North Sea and Ardennes, in the very heart of Europe.

From the Flanders Food Manifesto:
‘Flanders is a small region with a diverse climate and an unassuming terroir. Flanders’ geographic location has led the region to import ingredients and spices from all over the world for decades now, which our culinary specialists use to inspire their creations. Leading Flemish chefs and producers take first-class products from all over the world to the very highest level.

We are not the land of beer, we are the land of brewers.

We are not the land of chocolate, we are the land of chocolatiers.

We are not the land of food, we are the land of chefs.

As with love, wanderlust is driven by the stomach. A place that offers good food and drink will always appeal to foreign visitors. Tourists can visit Flanders all year round: every season has its own range of flavours to offer. You don’t even have to hunt them down: in Flanders you can walk into a random establishment and always be pleasantly surprised by the food. Flemish craftsmanship is a delight at any table and any bar.’ 

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